Aria Wheels 1.0 Mg

Hand-assembled in Italy, the Aria 1.0 Mg is light, strong and eye catching, effortlessly bringing together high performance with a contemporary aesthetic.
The innovative magnesium alloy frame delivers excellent shock-damping properties while resisting denting and impact damage, making this the perfect super-light wheelchair for an active user.


The magnesium alloy, carbon fibre and aluminium construction ensures high performance in an exceptionally lightweight package – magnesium alloy is the world’s lightest structural metal!
Superb shock absorption thanks to the carbon fibre axle
Robust build quality and great manoeuvrability thanks to its clever design
Scripted to suit the user’s needs and tastes – virtually every aspect of this wheelchair is customisable
Technical Information

  • Max. user weight = 120kg
  • Chair weight = approx. 6kg
  • 34-46cm seat width
  • 36-46cm seat depth
  • 45-52cm seat height (front)
  • 36-43cm seat height (rear)
  • 24-42cm backrest height
  • Customisable backrest angle, seat-to-footrest length, knee-to-heel length, rear-wheel camber and centre of gravity
  • 6 frame colours available – white, grey, black, blue, yellow, red + custom colours
  • Fully customisable, with a wide choice of brakes, rear wheels, front wheels, armrests, handrims and more
  • Multiple accessories available

Further Reading
Download the Aria Wheel brochure or visit the website for further information. Motum’s full range of ultra light wheelchairs can be found here.

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