Voyar Frog Walking Frame

The Voyar Frog is an adjustable posterior walking frame designed to encourage strength, mobility and accessibility in children.  It’s won awards for its minimalist yet effective design.



  • Highly adjustable – will grow with the child
  • It folds flat – making taking it out and about easy for families
  • Available in two sizes (medium + large) and with four different configurations (base model, base with armrests, base with seat and base with armrests and set)
  • Seat includes lift assistance which can be adjusted to suit the child’s needs – supporting them while they need rest, helping them to get up and keep going when they are rea

Technical information

  • Adjustable in height: 52-67cm
  • Adjustable in width: 38-46cm
  • Seat height: 32-53cm
  • Armrest height: 61-88cm

Further reading

For more information about the Voyar Frog Walkers visit the Voyar website or take a look at the video below.

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