Wenzelite Seat2Go

This nifty, lightweight portable seat helps kids stay upright and posture perfect at home, at school, at play, and even on holiday. Comfortable, versatile and sturdy, the Wenzelite Seat2GoSeat2Go can be used in any chair, on the floor, or even in your stroller.



  • Comes in two sizes to suit a range of sizes
  • Precisely contoured to promote optimal posture and prevent sliding
  • Easy to use in any chair, single or double strollers, and even as a standalone seat on the floor so you never have to compromise on your child’s needs
  • Optional headrest and abductor for additional support and security
  • Neat and easy to store with strap storage pockets


Technical Information

  • 95 degree sitting angle
  • Sturdy belt and double straps for trunk support
  • Two sets of secure straps for attachment to any chair
  • Seat weight = under 2.3kg (small), and under 3.2kg (large)


Further Reading
Please click here for a product brochure, or visit the Drive website here for more information.

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