Pride Rubber Threshold Ramps

Pride Rubber Threshold Ramps make it easy for wheelchair users to navigate small obstacles, such as low steps and thresholds, either indoors or out.
These modular ramps can be easily combined via their dovetail joints to achieve the perfect height, while their robust rubber construction ensures maximum durability.



  • Users can purchase between 1 and 5 of these interlocking modular ramps to overcome obstacles between 2.5 and 7.6cm high
  • Perfect for small steps at room boundaries, front or back doors, on garden paths or driveways, or for overcoming door transitions or entering walk-in showers
  • The high-impact recycled rubber delivers longevity and copes well with daily use
  • The textured, slip-resistant surface improves user safety
  • This product is incredibly simple to install and requires no maintenance
  • Thanks to their simple, solid-rubber construction, these ramps have a huge weight capacity

Technical Information

  • Max. weight capacity = 385.5kg
  • Rise: 2.5cm / 3.8cm / 5.1cm / 6.4cm / 7.6cm
  • Length (increasing with rise): 26.5cm / 44cm / 61.5cm / 79cm / 98.1cm
  • Total width (increasing with rise): 99.1cm / 104.1cm / 108cm / 112.3cm / 116.8cm
  • Total weight (increasing with rise): 4.3kg / 9.75kg / 16.8kg / 25kg / 35.4kg
  • 91.4cm usable surface width (applies to all sizes)
  • Product can be notched or trimmed to custom sizes
  • 4° max. incline

Further Reading
Download the Pride Rubber Threshold Ramp manual.

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