Wolturnus-Sport Antaras

The Antaras is a handcycle for cyclists who ride for exercise and for fun. The Antaras allows continuous adjustments, according to changing requirements and needs. With adjustable seat depth, leg length and back angle.   The Antaras can also be used with a seated or recumbent position.

The back support is ergonomically designed and gives all users – including those with limited balance – the necessary support so that all their energy can be harnessed for propulsion.



  • Adjustable seat depth, back angle and leg length
  • Seated or recumbent positions
  • 7020 aluminium frame construction with optimum stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Anodised frame leads to a corrosion resistant, impact resistant and scratch resistant surface (can also be powder coated if required)
  • Designed in accordance with international UCI regulations
  • Weight from 14 kg
  • Max user weight 150kg


Technical Information

Wolturnus manufactures handbikes for leisure, recreational purposes and elite sports.  Competing on their custom made Wolturnus handbikes top athletes from Austria, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Denmark have won medals at the Paralympic Games as well as National, European and World Championships.  Wolturnus also their own pro handcycling team: Wolturnus Pro Handcycling.


Further Reading

For more information, please download a product brochure here or head to the Wolturnus website for details.

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