Wolturnus-Sport Roadrunner

Beep-Beep! The Wolturnus Roadrunner is designed for frame running, a sport growing in popularity among those with impaired balance. It is a light-weight yet robust 3-wheeled “running bike” without pedals.




  • Impact and scratch resistant – made from hand-welded 7020 aluminum frame
  • Single size frame, but choose between 22″, 24″ or 26″ wheels to make suitable for a range of users

Technical information

  • Max user weight = 120kg
  • Frame weight ~3.5kg
  • Total weight = up to 12.5kg (includes wheels, saddle, breast plate and the handlebar)
  • Saddle height = between 70cm and 95 cm from ground, depending on wheel size

Further reading

To learn more visit the Wolturnus website.

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