Wolturnus-Sport Tennis / Badminton chair

The Wolturnus Tennis / Badminton Wheelchair is custom fabricated to suit your individual style of play.  This active rigid hair is fully scripted to suit the individual player’s wishes and requirements.

The Tennis chair is available fully welded or with adjustable features – e.g. with adjustable rear axle. It is also available in a Badminton model



  • Every feature of this Wolturnus chair is custom-fabricated and customised to suit you
  • Heat-treated aluminium 7020 ensures a super strong frame
  • Available in fully welded or adjustable frame design
  • High stability and low weight


Technical Information

  • Can be configured as either a Tennis or a Badminton chair


Further Reading
For more information, please download a product brochure here or head to the Wolturnus website for details.

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