Wolturnus W5 SL

The W5 SL is a slimmed down version of the W5.  Featuring the same handling qualities, it has a lighter fame and narrower frame tubes.  It suits experienced users who know their requirements and demand a chair that is light both physically and aesthetically.



  • Chair completely built to your specifications
  • Backrest and rear axle welded into position (this chair has no moving parts apart from the wheels)
  • Seat depth and backrest height adjustment


Technical Information

  • Max user weight = 80kg
  • Seat width: 32cm – 40cm
  • Seat depth: 34cm – 52cm
  • Total propulsion weight from 6kgs
  • This chair is not crash tested.


Further Reading

For more information, please download a product brochure here or head to the Wolturnus website for details.

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