Wolturnus W5 Suspension

The Wolturnus W5 Suspension is designed for an active user seeking additional comfort and a super smooth ride. It is a lightweight and robust rigid wheelchair with a closed box frame, made of 7020 aluminium for optimal strength. Like all of the chairs in the W5 range, it is custom-built to the user’s exact measurements, needs and preferences and is available as fully welded or with adjustable parts.



  • Ultra smooth ride – this makes it particularly suitable for active users who require ongoing adjustments of the seating position, or users who experience back pain.
  • Reduces shock + minimises fatigue – the air-sprung rear axle with Wolturnus’ Link system allows the wheels to move independently in vertical and horizontal directions
  • Loads of customisation potential – including a fixed or adjustable backrest as well as lots of different options when it comes to seat, wheels, footrest, side guards, balance point, and accessories.

Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 150kg
  • Product weight: from 6.5kg
  • Seat width: 32-50cm
  • Seat depth: 34-52cm
  • Seat height: 36-55cm (front + rear)
  • ISO crash tested

Further reading

For more information on the Wolturnus W5 Suspension visit the Wolturnus website or download the brochure.

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