Wolturnus Dalton / W5 XXL

The Wolturnus XXL (available in either the Dalton or W5 configuration) is our toughest and biggest manual wheelchair.

This custom-made chair is ideal for active wheelchair users whose dimensions, body weight and physical strength may place additional demands on a wheelchair’s strength and conversion of energy-to-movement.

If removable foot and leg supports are required it will be an XXL version of the Dalton wheelchair. (The Dalton has a slightly different frame construction which supports leg propelling).



  • Super tough – these chairs are made from 7020 aluminium, the strongest weldable aluminium alloy (the kind typically used for armoured vehicles and motorcycles)
  • Extra reinforcements – a larger 30mm tube (rather than the standard 25mm) tube is used in the construction to add rigidity, making it easier for self-propelling users and those pushing one alike
  • Chair completely built to your specifications – we work with you to understand your needs and factor this into the design
  • Easy to lift and handle in everyday use
  • Steplessly adjustable centre of gravity adjustment
  • Detachable side-guards to aid in transfers


Technical Information

  • Max user weight = 250kgs
  • From a total weight of 12kgs
  • Seat width: 48cm – 72cm
  • Seat depth: 39cm – 55cm
  • Seat height: 30cm – 50cm
  • Backrest height: 30cm – 50cm
  • Transport approved and crash tested


Further Reading

For more information, please head to the Wolturnus website for additional details.

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