Zygo Backrest

The Spex Zygo is a lightweight, easily adjustable backrest that supports a more personalised, and therefore comfortable, seating set up for self-propelling wheelchair users.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these are suitable for most active users, without the need for any major adjustments or customisations.



  • Clever design – curved shape provides firm targeted support of the pelvis, while still allowing a neutral posture and comfortable sitting position, while the breathable padding and ventilated shell will keep users cooler while they live life to the fullest
  • Easy to adjust, use and remove – the “drop-in” installation makes it suitable for users with limited hand function too
  • Invertible shell design (mid-height version) enables easy adjustment of lateral height

Technical Information

  • Available in two shell contours (Active and Deep) and shell heights (Lo and Mid)
  • Uses lightweight, quick-release Drop Mount Hardware
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Suitable for individuals who require solid back support to accommodate mild postural and stability needs; those benefiting from posterior and lateral trunk support; and users with mild-to-moderate torso asymmetries.

Further reading

Check out the video below or download the Spex Zygo brochure.

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