In an Australian-first, Motum is pleased to introduce you to SIMO, an innovative wheelchair simulator.

We live and breathe wheelchairs so we were pretty blown away by the SIMO and its potential to empower active wheelchair users during the prescription process.

For us it was love at first sight because:

  • SIMO’s adjustable in 8 different dimensions. This gives wheelchair users the ability to trial different configurations to find their optimal set up. We can tweak it by the millimeter and you can see, feel and evaluate the difference these small changes make to your comfort and the chair’s performance;
  • it means that even if we don’t have a demo chair in your ideal size you can still try it out to see how it feels for you. This is particularly useful when we’re scripting fully custom wheelchairs such as those in our Wolturnus range where every specification is based on your anatomical needs and/or preferences;
  • it validates all measurements. This reduces the risk of scripting errors and save time, money and worry for all involved (yes, because even though we get it right 99.9% of the time, we’re still nervous about handing over new chairs, particularly highly-customised ones!) 

Seeing is believing

We’d encourage you to take a look at the below video to get a sense for how the SIMO wheelchair simulator works.

The other things we like about it include:

  • it’s fun, but also relevant – once we have identified a good set up it’s time to take your simulated chair for a spin! The program lets you navigate through a virtual city environment or a race track to get a sense for how the chair manoeuvres and how your body responds to the set up. Then we can continue to tweak it until it feels just right;
  • Simo captures videos and photos, allowing closer examination of posture and technique under the different configurations – you’ll get real time feedback.

Technical information

SIMO can adjust and measure the following:

  • Seat width (range = 310mm to 610mm)
  • Seat depth (range = 250mm to 550mm)
  • Seat height – front and back separately (375mm to 570mm)
  • Backrest heights (range = 250mm to 500mm)
  • Backrest tilt (range -10° to +10°)
  • Footrest height -front and back separately (40mm to 250mm)
  • Frame length (range 255mm to 800mm)
  • Centre of gravity (range 340mm to +310mm

How to arrange a SIMO consultation

Motum’s Osborne Park clinic rooms are the only place in Western Australia where you can undertake a SIMO assessment.

To arrange a trial we will require our standard MWC referral form to be completed and for the primary/treating therapist to attend or participant via a video call.

Please note we do charge a fee for this type of consultation appointment to cover our prescribing therapists’ time. (A standard equipment trial/scripting appointment without the use of the SIMO remains free of charge).

Interstate and interested in purchasing a SIMO?

As the Australian distributor for SIMO, Motum is open to hearing from experienced wheelchair prescribers in other Australia states who are interested in purchasing a SIMO for the benefits of their clients.

Please contact Andrew directly with your enquiry.

SIMO wheelchair simulator
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